Dear parents and friends:

It is indeed a kind of fate: because of the lovely children, we met each other! I’m Alison, the principal of “Wesley school”.

People who know me always say I have childlike innocence and will never grow old! Yes, I concede,  I have been engaged in early childhood education for nearly 30 years. I am especially glad that I have chosen a career in the beautiful field of education. I have enjoyed being surrounded by children’s laughter and happiness every day.

The grandmother of a child in Wesley once told me: “(my child) came back one day and said, “the kindergarten is my home during the day, and my family home is my home at night”.“

I’m glad that this child has fallen in love with Wesley.

What we are most proud of over the years is not the expansion of Wesley into a large number of kindergartens, but the establishment of a kindergarten truly loved by children and respected by society.

In this wonderful fairy tale kindergarten, children’s imagination is nurtured;

In this wonderful fairy tale kindergarten, children’s ability to solve problems is nurtured;

In this wonderful fairy tale kindergarten, rich manners are advocated;

In this wonderful fairy tale kindergarten, the cultural customs of different countries are respected;

Playing with water, playing in the sand pit, climbing and having fun outdoors… these are such wonderful experiences; I am a maker, I am a fireman, I am carpenter, I am a courier.

All kinds of expression stages and real life experiences have been prepared for. This is the environment of Wesley school: let every child become the best of himself! A kindergarten a child doesn’t want to leave!

Principle of Wesley School, Shangcheng Campus